What’s your cinnamon?

Today I had vanilla ice cream on apple pie for dessert after a home meal.  It was good but what really made it great was the cinnamon I added, on a whim.  It took the experience from good to great!  It got me thinking again about customer service and the many ways we can add cinnamon to what we do that makes us stand out from the crowd.

Like recently pepper had a visit from a group of business people who were exploring the possibility of coming to T&T to set up shop.  They asked for some information and at two meetings, we gave them the lay of the land.  We followed that up with a detailed written document giving more granular details on the T&T market to help them with their planning.  We added some cinnamon and they are not even a customer as yet.

What can you do on the job, in the PTA or in that NGO you volunteer with to go from good to great?  Doing your job is a hygiene factor.  People expect that.  To get recognition we need to do value added stuff that no one else is doing or doing as well as you.

Next week I might add some curry to my mayonnaise.