Prepping for a Post-Facebook World

Facebook on A Mobile Phone With Social Media Written Next to It using Scrabble Blocks

Can you imagine what your marketing life would be without Facebook? In this week’s excerpt from Conner’s Social Brief, he discusses why a world without Facebook might become a possibility:

The bad-news is heaping up over at Facebook:

My suggestion: Imagine what your digital life will look like if/when the big blue F implodes, then build a contingency plan. At the very least it’s a valuable exercise to explore how we can protect and diversify.

What else happened this week? 

Facebook released Story Ads to its self-serve platform. And no one seemed to care, but should we? According to Facebook’s numbers, roughly half as many people engage with FB Stories as IG Stories. That’s a lot of people. But, I don’t think that I know a single person who admits to checking FB Stories regularly – am I missing something? published their rundown of the 5 most important trends shaping IG marketing. It’s valuable, and detailed, so here’s the TLDR;

  1. Vertical Video
  2. AR Filters
  3. Offline events built for IG
  4. In-feed shopping
  5. Story ads

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