What’s in a Logo?

We will be having a special series of blog posts from our Pepper Staff in honour of Pepper’s 13th Anniversary. This is the first part of a two-part blog post on logos by our Creative Team lead, Bjorn Stodart.


Understanding the process of brand identity design –

When you think of someone who has had a huge impact on your life, I’m sure you can picture what they look like. The same can be said of the brands that we love. We can easily picture a logo just by thinking of our experiences with the brand. The challenge today is the increasing need to visually differentiate from the competition. Much of this is done through brand identity design – a range of elements that all work together to form a distinctive picture in our minds.

“When we look at something, we don’t read first. Before anything else we see shape, we see colour, and if that’s enough to hold our attention, then we’ll read.” – David Airey

So… How do you craft a logo and give it the best possible chance of reaching a similar status?

Seek the advice of a creative design professional. A free logo app is not going to churn out the next Starbucks icon and your cousin Nicholas who is really into computers can’t help either.

In my next post I’ll talk some more about what designers can do to make sure their client’s brand is getting the most effective designs to reach their market.

Don’t forget, developing a logo and designing a comprehensive brand identity takes time. It’s a process that can span hundreds of hours, weeks, months and still not hit the mark. It’s un-realistic to ask a designer to just ‘whip up a logo’ in their spare time and remember, good ol’ Nicholas is still not the answer.